Introducing Latvia

Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, as well as a maritime border to the west with Sweden. Latvia has 2.1 million inhabitants and a territory of 65,000 square kilometers.
The country is known for its strong national identity, diverse culture, modern cities and landscapes ranging from wide beaches to dense, sprawling forests. Latvia’s capital is Riga, home to museums and churches, notable wooden and art nouveau architecture, a vast Central Market and a medieval Old Town. St. Peter’s church is the centerpiece of Rīga’s skyline. This Gothic church is around 800 years old, making it one of the oldest medieval buildings in the Baltic. Its soaring red-brick interior is relatively unadorned, except for heraldic shields mounted on the columns. A colorful contrast is provided by the art exhibitions staged in the side aisles. At the rear of the church, a lift whisks visitors to a viewing platform 72m up the steeple.

Latvian ethnic food is simple and tasty – their cooking is based on organic and seasonal ingredients avoiding over complicated techniques. Latvian dishes demonstrate wonderful qualities by being so natural and pure. Some of the specialities are the traditional bacon rolls ‘Pīrāgi’, ‘Skalndrauši’ (vegetable tarts), traditional Porridge called ‘Bukstiņbiezputra’ and homemade Rye Bread. Are you hungry yet?

downtown view from the sant peter cathedral riga, latvia House_of_Blackheads_and_St._Peter's_Church_Tower,_Riga,_Latvia_-_Diliff Pīrāgi



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