Beer Garden 2017


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What European Feast would be complete without a glass of beer or cider?!

On May 27 & 28, 2017, visitors can enjoy an assortment of European beer as well as cider, local beer and wine and are invited to raise their glasses to Europe!

The European Festival truly offers an authentic free and European feel when it comes to all the tents, including the Food and Beverage area of the stadium. Visitors can now enjoy their alcoholic beverages on the entire premises, and not exclusively within an enclosed garden. Visitors are free to walk the entire Festival grounds, drink in hand, within the stadium festival area.  But if you want that truly authentic European experience, you can still enjoy your drink at the “biergarten”  (Beer Garden).

  • Open until 10 pm Saturday
  • Open until 6 pm Sunday

The festival is open to people of all ages – we thank everyone for drinking responsibly.




Beer Garden, 19th European Festival

Festival Highlights