Participating Countries 2017


European Festival Participating Countries

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Around 30 European countries typically participate at the European Festival. Proud participants can share their heritage with visitors through different activities, ranging from an exhibition table in the Cultural Tents, parading in the Opening Flag Parade Ceremony, traditional dances or singing on the main stage, or simply wearing colourful national clothes during the festival. The participation of each national representative truly brings the spirit of culture and the celebration of unity alive.

We are proudly announcing the Finland as Feature Nation 2017. Their feature tent will give visitors insight into Finnish culture that is a unprecedented at European Festival.

Traditional dress is welcome! You do not need to be a participating nation at the Festival to dress up – cultural exhibition can be for anyone who has a European tradition to share!

Participating Countries in 2016
1. Albania10. Greece20. Russia
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina11. Hungary21. Serbia
3. Bulgaria12. Iceland22. Slovakia
4. Croatia13. Latvia23. Slovenia
5. Czech Republic14. Lithuania24. Spain
6. Denmark15. Moldova25. Sweden
7. Finland16. Netherlands26. Switzerland
8. France17. Norway27. Turkey
9. Germany18. Portugal28. Ukraine
19. Romania
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