Zero Waste Initiative

European Festival has implemented its Zero Waste Initiative in 2013 and has expanded it ever since.

A 2-day Festival creates waste – and I mean a lot of waste. From candy wrappers, coffee cups, plates and cutlery to plastic bottles, pop cans and any sort of packaging material. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and want to be part of making Greater Vancouver a greener place.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of waste that will end up in local landfills by separating compostable organics and recyclables from regular waste. We are using clearly marked garbage containers to separate those three types of waste throughout the festival premises. We are working closely with local small businesses to achieve our sustainability goals. BSI Biodegradable Solutions is our provider of certified compostable tableware and Green Chair Recycling helps us with the waste seggregation and hauling to ensure each waste stream ends up at the right facility. Friendly volunteers will assist visitors with choosing the correct bin.

All food containers, cups, cutlery and napkins given out by our food vendors are fully compostable and can be disposed off together with food scraps in the Compost Bin.

Plastic bottles and pop cans will be collected in Recycling Bins and the proceeds will be donated to a local children’s charity. Please help us help the kids!

Program Guides can be returned at the Gates for recycling.



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