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Daniela, vice-president:


Hubavitsi is a Bulgarian youth folk dance group with members ranging from 11-16 years old. We are part of the St. Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian Heritage Language School in Vancouver, British Columbia. We perform traditional dances from across the beautiful regions of Bulgaria as well as more contemporary renditions to continue to grow the love of dance and spread the beauty of our culture with our community.

Contact: Didi Krasteva


Kukeri are elaborately costumed Bulgarian men, who perform traditional rituals intended to scare away evil spirits.

This Bulgarian tradition has been practiced since Thracian times and is of a Thracian origin. The costumes cover most of the body and include decorated masks and large bells attached to the belt.

Around New Year Lent, the kukeri walk and dance through villages to scare away evil spirits with their costumes and the sound of their bells. They are also believed to provide a good harvest, health, and happiness to the village during the year.

The kukeri traditionally visit peoples’ houses at night so that “the sun would not catch them on the road. After parading around the village they usually gather at the village square to dance wildly and amuse the people.

Please welcome our kuker Hristo Popov who continue his father family tradition!

Contact: Hristo Popov (Chris)

What is this:

SLAVIK – Slovak Folklore Society   

Is  a non profit organization formed  by Slovak native immigrants who still and always put SLOVAKIA together with CANADA in category of their greatest love.  We chose to live far, far away from our home land, land of our ancestors, but we remain in our hearts true Slovaks. Here, in beautiful British Columbia we formed a big family founded on love for our folklore.  We spread the word about our culture through dance, songs, music, costumes, exhibitions, and we also teach our children to appreciate our Slovak culture and to be proud of their roots.

Our society is made of three groups:  SLAVIK adult dance group, children’s dance group SLAVIČEK and Slovak School in Vancouver. Our first performance was on the stage of European Festival twelve years ago and since then we regularly participate in many festivals around the Lower Mainland. You can find about our groups activities at , and .

Shot of Scotch Vancouver

Formed in the spring of 2013, Shot of Scotch Vancouver is a non-profit society dedicated to honouring and expanding the Highland dance tradition through performance and education. The company creates imaginative and innovative Highland dance that engages and inspires diverse local, national and international audiences on an emotional level. Shot of Scotch Vancouver serves as a cultural and arts ambassador based in Vancouver BC, creating community connections and opportunities that allow adult Highland dancers to thrive beyond their competitive careers.

Under the Artistic Direction of Susan Nase, Shot of Scotch Vancouver strives to create new, exciting, contemporary dance pieces while maintaining a high standard of technique, as well as remaining true to the deep Scottish roots of the centuries old art form of highland dance. Shot of Scotch Vancouver has a full annual calendar of public performances across the lower mainland including at the BC Highland Games, CelticFest Vancouver, The BC Government Multicultural Awards, SFU Diwali, Discover Dance at The Dance Centre, The Rogue Folk Club, numerous ceilidhs, festivals, Robbie Burns events, and private celebrations. Our performance highlights have included invitations to present original choreography internationally, performing alongside top calibre artists from across the globe at Tartan Week (New York City, USA 2018), the Nanchang International Military Tattoo (Nanchang, China 2017) and the 8th International Body Music Festival (Paris, France 2016).

Romanian Treasure Group

When Romanians ventured far from their homes, they carried cherished memories from ancient times—traditions, vibrant costumes, melodious songs, and the lively hora dance—transplanting these joyful reminiscences from their old homes to their new abodes in adopted countries.

In order to preserve these traditions and customs, to pass them down to future generations, and to share their rich culture with other Canadians, a team of passionate individuals joined forces to establish a group dedicated to promoting authentic Romanian folklore. This group came to be known as the Romanian Treasure Group.

Making their debut in December 2018 at the Winter Celebration Festival in New Westminster, the group mesmerized audiences with their captivating performances of Plugusorul and Capra. The overwhelming success and heartfelt appreciation they received resulted in invitations to twelve other multicultural festivals held in various municipalities across the Lower Mainland.

At each festival, the group’s performances were met with thunderous applause, accolades, and recognition from the media. Buoyed by the enthusiastic responses they garnered, the group continues to meet, diligently crafting new performances that they are delighted to share with all interested audiences.

Serbian Folklore Ensemble
Vancouver BC

Folk Dance Ensemble Vuk Karadzic – Veterans was founded in 1970 with a goal to keep the Serbian tradition and culture alive through the best possible way: music and dance.

Serbian dance is an old tradition and a strong element in the Serbian culture. The traditional dances are of social function, bringing the community and families together at various important days.

Costumes: among the creative aspects of the culture of the Serbian nation, traditional costumes occupy one of the most important places because of their role in everyday life, their significance for ethnic identity, and their value artistically and aesthetically.

The small part of the ensemble you are watching today, is together since 2010.

Vuk Karadzic Veterans Ensemble has been part of many festivals around North America and we are hoping to go even farther away.

VK Veterans will perform Dances from Leskovac:

Prepared for VK Veterans by Artistic Director and Assistant, Vladimir Ilic and Maja Ajdanic from teaching of Desa Djordjevic.