The 24th Annual European Festival will bring your family a day of entertainment & culinary delights In 2024!

The European Festival is a annual event that promotes unity, identity, diversity, and heritage across the lower mainland. By celebrating and preserving Europe’s cultural richness in Canada, this event helps build a stronger, inclusive, and more vibrant European community that is welcoming to anyone interested in European culture.

If you are hoping to participate and to help plan the 24th European Festival as an Individual Member, a European Society Member, or as a Business or Corporate Member, please pay your 2023 fees as soon as possible, so the Board can plan accordingly. First come, first served, for Society Members when it comes to performance times. Our Board of Directors is looking forward to your help to ensure a smooth running festival.

For each planning meeting, each country should have at least one representative that attends planning sessions and 2 volunteers who will help run the Festival in 2024. 

We are also collecting donations for our Silent Auction such us gift certificates, money or gift items. Here is a letter you can send to your friends and contact who run a business and who might want to participate!

2024 Sponsorship Letter – Please download here

Membership Fees are:

$25 Individual Member | $50 Society Member | $75 Business Member.

We accept e-transfer payments to kecia@europeanfestival.ca 

We are also happy to add a link to our website to help you promote your club or society to other members and the general public.

Please check the Events section on our website for more details

See you in July at the next edition of Eurofest!