10 simple recipes for turkey left-overs

From classic to extravagant – transform your turkey left-overs into 10 simply delicious meals with some European twists

  1. Homemade Turkey Soup – a classic and the best way to use up every inch of your bird
  2. Spicy Rice and Turkey with Chorizo – the spicy Spanish sausage gives this dish a nice twist
  3. Turkey Waldorf Salad – a turkey variation of this popular salad
  4. Turkey Focaccia Club – the flat Italian bread is a perfect match for a turkey sandwich
  5. Turkey and Blue Cheese Salad – the strong Roquefort or Gorgonzola complements the mild turkey meat
  6. Turkey Hash with Fried Egg – this will soon be your favourite breakfast or brunch item
  7. Turkey Primavera – pairing turkey and colourful veggies for this casserole dish
  8. Turkey Milanese – breaded turkey various of the classic Schnitzel
  9. Turkey Frittata – the Italian way to deal with left-overs
  10. Turkey a la King – what else is there to add?

Click on the name of each dish to find the detailed recipe.

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