Introducing Métis

The Métis are one of the recognized Aboriginal peoples in Canada. They trace their descent from mixed ancestry of First Nations and Europeans.

Over two hundred years ago, the Métis first crossed west of the Continental Divide and descended the Rocky Mountains into the beautiful lands now known as British Columbia. Wearing their colorful sashes and singing songs, they were pathfinders, voyageurs, fur traders, guides, interpreters and builders.

Being descendants of the intermixture of two great cultures (First Nations and European), these indigenous people inherited some cultural and other traits from their parental ancestors: the Métis developed their own unique identity, culture, customs, traditions, symbols and way of life. In time they coalesced into a ‘New Nation’.

Their unique cultural evolution extended to their own flags, sashes, vehicles, language, food, clothing, folklore, folk heroes, poetry, songs, music and dance. The Métis shared a common ancestry and kinship, history, heritage and way of life.

The Métis culture is rich and vigorous – and the European Festival is the perfect place to showcase the Métis in Canada!

boy_hat Metis-Sash metis-youth

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