Top 10 European Halloween costumes

Big Halloween party just around the corner and too many costume ideas to chose from? Why not go with one of these classy or fun characters of European history? Some of them can be easily made with cloth you already have at home.



greek goddess 1) Greek goddess, a symbol of aesthetic and beauty




viking 2) Viking, a powerful warrior



scottish 3) Scottish clansman, sinewy and hard drinking warrior



bavarian man oktoberfest 4) Bavarian man or woman, up for some serious celebrating



neptune 5) Greek god, e.g. Neptune, a classic with his trident



roman costume                                   6) Roman warrior, feared all around the Mediterranean sea



dutch girl 7) Dutch Woman, only authentic with wooden shoes



russian-mix 8) Russian cossack, best known for their artistic dance moves



renaissance 9) Renaissance lady, classy and elegant



matador   10) Spanish Matador, watch out for the charging bull

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